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In the early part of the off-season, Arthur Brown, Neil Tuckwell and John Newman hatched the idea of forming a university cricket club given the number of talented cricketers who attended the University but played for District Clubs such as Northbourne and Turner.
Though these initiators were aware that an ANU Cricket Club had existed, to their minds it had not existed in a competitive cricket sense for some time and it was therefore appropriate to form an ANU Cricket Club for District Club status.
Arthur Brown drafted a constitution prior to the convening of a meeting to institute a university cricket club. 
In response to word of mouth and circulars to Bruce Hall, Lennox House and the lecture halls approximately twelve interested persons attended the first meeting of the Club in July 1962 at Room E7 of the Childers Street complex, then the centre of university education.
The meeting approved the motion for the formation of the Australian National University Cricket Club, adopted the constitution and elected the following office bearers:
President : Arthur Brown Secretary : Neil Tuckwell Treasurer : John Newman General Committee Members : James Briden, Richard Hides, Geoff Yeo. 
For the Club's first playing season the A.C.T. Cricket Association accepted the nominations for the Second and Third Grade competitions. 
First Grade consisted of the six existing district Clubs and the inclusion of ANU would have created an unacceptable bye. 
The six district clubs were represented in Second Grade along with Yarralumla (being comprised of young players but not strong enough for First Grade status) being a seventh side. The inclusion of ANU made up the competition of an even eight sides. 
The same situation prevailed in Third Grade with Ainslie Colts rather than Yarralumla being the seventh side and ANU the eighth. 
Other members of the Management Committee convinced Neil Tuckwell, then a prospect for A.C.T. representative honours, to remain playing first grade cricket with Turner until ANU was accorded first grade status but still maintain his office as Secretary of the ANU Cricket Club. 
The re-formed Club's first match scoreboard: 
ANU v Ainslie at Majura Oval, 6 & 13 October 1962
ANU - 1st Innings
G. Yeo    b Mclean    31
J. Newman    lbw Munro    12
A. Brown (c)    b Munro    7
R. Warrener    lbw Munro    2
P. Flynn    st Hawke b Munro    5
R. Parkes    run out    14
A. Kevans    st Hawke    25
R. Sykes    b Munro    2
R. Hides    not out    23
B. O'Grady    b Wilton    4
J. Fingleton    b Wilton    2
Sundries    5
Total    132
Fall : 46 50 57 58 71 84 88 113 124 132
Bowling : Pye 4-0-15-0, Hopkins 5-1-13-0, McLean 5-0-15-1, Munro 12-1-30-6, Wilton 4.1-1-13-2, Berry 3-0-15-0, Hatcher 3-0-26-0
Ainslie - 1st Innings
W. Perry    c Brown b Hides    1
R. Browning    b Hides    0
F. Wilton    lbw Kevans    29
T. Munro    b Hides    0
L. Hopkins    b Hides    0
L. Armitage    b Parkes    66
K. Phelps    c Newman b Kevans    12
J. Hawke    run out    17
K. McLean    lbw Parkes    1
A. Hatcher    not out    3
R. Pye    b O'Grady    1
Sundries    14
Total    144
Fall : 0 5 5 5 103 107 109 129 142 144
Bowling : Hides 8-1-26-4, Warrener 5-2-12-0, Kevans 11-0-52-2, Parkes 8-0-39-2, Fingleton 1-0-1-0, O'Grady 0.3-0-0-1
RESULT : Ainslie won on first innings by 2 wickets
Arthur Brown's Second Grade side finished fourth out of the eight teams winning one outright and four on first innings, losing one outright and three on first innings and drawing two matches. 
The leading batsmen were Ron Warrener 260 runs (av 20.00), Arthur Brown 256 (av 17.07) and Geoff Yeo 224 (av 20.36) and leading bowlers were Ron Warrener 28 wickets (av 10.50) and Bob Alexander 22 (av 10.09). 
In its first season the Club enjoyed immediate premiership success with the Third Grade side taking out the Premiership. 
Len Gilmour was the captain of the side for the majority of the season with Ian Wilson then taking over for the final two round matches. 
He then led them to a ten-wicket outright victory over Northbourne in the Final that was played over four days' play from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.. 
The incomplete scoreboard details are as below but only partly disclose the tension that prevailed. 
With five wickets down for a little over fifty runs at the close of play on the third day, the ANU recovery to win was to say the least, miraculous and something of a shock to the Northbourne players who went home believing victory was a mere formality. 
ANU v NORTHBOURNE at Griffith Park 29 & 30 March, 6 & 7 April 1963
Northbourne - 1st Innings
Total    278
Bowling : G. Culnane 5/32, B. O'Grady 2/44, J. Bradshaw 2/50, D. Larkin 1/48
ANU - 1st Innings
A. Parker         18
P. Flynn         6
L. Gilmour         18
G. Culnane         0
G. Russell         0
A. Garton    c Wilks b Bennett    38
B. O'Grady    b Richards    68
J. Bradshaw    c Wilkey b Hunter    100
D. Larkin    b Conan-Davies    64
I. Wilson (c)    c Wilkey b Hunter    4
R. Crichton    not out    1
Sundries    19
Total    336
Bowling : Richards 3/87, Watson 0/50, Hall 2/56, Bennett 2/48, Conan-Davies 1/18, Hunter 2/35, Wilks 0/24
Northbourne - 2nd Innings
Bennett    b Larkin    8
Conan-Davies    c Parker b Larkin    13
Bannon    c Larkin b Crichton    1
Wilks    c Parker b Larkin    10
Watson    b Larkin    0
Richards    b Culnane    0
Hunter    not out    28
Leahy    lbw Larkin    1
McHugh    b Culnane    4
Wilkey    b Culnane    0
Hal    b O'Grady    1
Sundries    9
Total    75
Bowling : Crichton 1/23, Larkin 5/17, Culnane 3/11, Russell 0/10, O'Grady 1/5
ANU - 2nd Innings
P. Flynn    not out    10
A. Parker    not out    9
Sundries    1
Total    0-20
Bowling: Leahy 0/7, McHugh 0/12
RESULT : ANU Won Outright by 10 Wickets
The prolific hitter of sixes, the burly Edgar Wilson headed the run aggregates with 238 runs (av 21.60) including 12 sixes followed by Jim Bradshaw 185 runs (av 46.25). 
Geoff Russell took 31 wickets (av 5.50) including an existing Club record match performance of 13/52 (5/5 and 8/47) while Ross Crichton was next best with 13 wickets (av 18.70). 


On 12 October 1963 ANU began its unbroken participation in the First Grade Competition.
ANU v MANUKA at University Oval,12 & 19 October 1963
Manuka - 1st Innings
Bergin    b Hides    9
Nicholas    run out    24
Thiele    lbw Kent    5
Maher    b Warrener    14
Byrne    not out    111
Fergie    b Warrener    3
Fernie    not out    2
Scott    b Turnbul    11
Vallance    c Kent b Warrener    37
Privett    b Kent    10
Sundries    6
Total    8-232
Bowling : Hides 1/72, Kent 2/41, Warrener 3/59, Kevans 0/31, Turnbull 1/21
ANU - 1st Innings
R. Brown    b Fernie    2
R. Parkes    c Vallance b Maher    3
A. Sargeson    c Fergie b Maher    57
N. Tuckwell    c Fergie b Bergin    2
A. Brown (c)    b Duff    45
R. Hides    c Nicholas b Bergin    33
A. Kevans    c Thiele b Byrne    33
R. Warrener    c Fergie b Byrne    14
R. Alexander    c Bergin b Byrne    4
K. Turnbull    not out    2
B. Kent    run out    5
Sundries    18
Total    218
Bowling : Fernie 1/32, Maher 2/15, Duffy 2/63, Nicholas 0/19, Bergin 2/49, Privett3/11
RESULT : Manuka Won on first innings by 14 Runs
Having attracted well-credentialled cricketers Neil Tuckwell and Alan Sargeson from Turner. Arthur Brown's side went close to christening their first match of the inaugural season with a victory at University Oval (as it was then called). 
This was to be Sargeson's only match for the season and he left his mark on it before he left. His partnership with Brown was destined to secure victory before it was broken. 
By the season's end the First Grade side finished equal sixth out of eight teams and may have fared better if its bowling and fielding talents matched those of the batting. 
Neil Tuckwell 241 runs (av 21.91) and Arthur Brown 234 runs (av 21.27) provided the batting foundation. Left-armer Keith Turnbull with 12 wickets (av 27.33) took out the bowling honours. 
Len Gilmour's Second Grade side (effectively promoted from Third Grade with the Club's elevation to first grade) finished last without winning a match. Bill McLennan with 205 runs (av 25.6) and 17 wickets (av 11.94) dominated the side. 
Ian Wilson's Third Grade side could not emulate the premiership success of their predecessors, finishing sixth out of nine finding that a constant change of personnel is not a recipe for success. 
The season also marked the first intervarsity fixture: against University of New South Wales who defeated the ANU side by 51 runs.


The Club's fortunes improved over that of the previous season by finishing third in the Club Championship. 
The First Grade side led by Arthur Brown paid dearly for a disastrous start to the season finishing one place out of the four. The side's undoubted strength was its batting talent and depth. Save the first two matches, the side did not fail to score at least 196 at every trip to the batting crease. 
Alan Sargeson's batting value was made all the more obvious after his single innings of 57 for the Club the previous season. His aggregate of 368 runs (av 46.00) was matched by Mike Curtin's 362 (av 40.22). 
Doug Towsend with 28 wickets (av 14.92) and Mike Curtin with 29 (av 18.45) captured more than half of the wickets to fall. 
Neil McDonald's Second Grade side stumbled in the last match to finish third and miss a berth in the Final. 
Don Larkin with 228 runs (av 20.73), Neil McDonald 222 (17.08) and Bill McLennan 203 (16.92) were the leading run getters. Bill McLennan with 44 wickets (av 8.36) once again totally dominated the bowling scene. 
Much like Second Grade, the Third Grade side led by Ian Wilson were somewhat unlucky not to feature in the Final caused principally by an inability to convert crushing first innings leads into outright results. 
Gwillym Davies 355 runs (av 39.44) bade farewell to the season with an unbeaten 127 in the final match against Northbourne. Ian Wilson's off-spinners netted him 38 wickets (av 12.37). 


Three wins in as many matches was the ideal beginning for the Arthur Brown First Grade side but that form deserted the side winning only one more match out of the remaining seven. 
Roger Wills proved an excellent acquisition with several polished displays in his aggregate of 187 runs (av 37.40) while Alan Sargeson 220 runs (av 27.50) and Arthur Brown 237 runs (av 26.33) proved as reliable as ever. 
Dick Masterton-Smith turned in some marathon bowling efforts during his stay of the first half of the season capturing 17 wickets (av 16.29). Bill McLennan justified his promotion from Second Grade and snared 18 wickets (av 231)0) with his off-spinners. Three outright victories in the last three matches of the season almost catapulted the Second Grade side into the Final. 
Captain Don Larkin led by example peeling off two centuries and amassing 388 runs (av 48.50) while Michael Meagher 271 runs (av 33.87) was next best. 
Opening bowler Ross Crichton realised his best form since joining the Club taking 37 wickets (av 10.59), a startling 27 of them being reaped in the last four matches of the season. Keith Turnbull's steady left armers provided the ideal foil and were rewarded with 22 wickets (av 15.32). 
The Third Grade side captained by Tony Hartnell was thwarted in the last match against Queanbeyan when the expected outright victory would have earnt them a place in the Final. 
Geoff Campion 220 runs (av 20.00), captain Tony Hartnell 213 (av 19.36) and Bill Pattinson 203 (av 2030) dominated the batting while Pattinson with 21 wickets (av 9.66) and his fellow bowlers suffered from too many a dropped catch. 


The season marked First Grade's first appearance in the semi-finals and not coincidentally the appearance of Gary Potts, arguably amongst the elite with Tony Irvine and Greg Irvine (not related) of the best batsmen to wear the University colours. Potts was appointed captain from the third match. 
Potts with a season highlight of 116 against Woden scored 393 at an imposing average of 43.71 and during the course of the season became the Club's first A.C.T. representative cricketer. 
Potts' steady off-spinners earned him 32 wickets (av 13.35) while the remaining bowlers found the pitches, especially at home, generally fruitless. 
Don Wilkey behind the stumps set a fielding standard generally not matched by his fellows. Had it not been for rain he would have played for the A.C.T. against Mosman, the match being washed out. 
Club history was made on 11 March, 1967 when the semi-final fixture against Woden commenced. Unfortunately from an overnight position of 3 for 60 chasing Woden's not insurmountable 243, ANU saw most hope dashed when a freakish delivery accounted for Gary Potts for nought. 
ANU v WODEN at Manuka Oval, 11 & 12 March 1967
Woden - 1st Innings
Tindale    lbw Masterton-Smith    22
Marshall    c Tuckwell b Sargeson    22
Smith    c Potts b Rodwell    125
Bowe    st Wilkey b Sargeson    8
Atkinson    c Mast.-Smith b Sargeson    9
Reid    c Tuckwell b Sargeson    8
Maher    c Tuckwell b Potts    5
Myatt    c Wilkey b Mast.-Smith    12
Taylor    c Palethorpe b Mast.-Smith    10
Hunter    not out    11
Osborne    b Sargeson    4
Sundries    7
Total    243
Bowling : Masterton-Smith 17-1-59-1, Rodwell 8-0-34-1, Potts 18-1-60-1, Sargeson 18.6-4-50-5, Buckingham 6-4-33-0
ANU - 1st Innings
A. Brown    lbw Marshall    4
R. Rodwell    c Atkinson b Marshal    60
S. Shann    c Hunter b Osborne    8
R. Wills    b Reid    11
H. Palethorpe    b Marshall    8
G. Potts (c)    b Marshall    0
A. Sargeson    c Smith b Reid     18
D. Buckingham    c Tindale b Osborne    4
Tuckwell    not out    20
D. Wilkey    run out    0
R. Masterton-Smith    run out    5
Sundries    6
Total    144
Bowling : Osborne 12.6-4-17-2, Marshall 18-0-67-4, Reid 14-1-46-2, Myatt 5-1-8-0
Woden - 2nd Innings
Tindale    run out    51
Marshall    c Shann b Sargeson    12
Smith    c Wills b Tuckwell    38
Howe    b Brown    61
Atkinson    not out    37
Sundries    10
Total    4-209
Bowling : Masterton-Smith 6-0-20-0, Sargeson 9-5-10-1, Potts 7-1-33-0, Buckingham 3-0-39-0, Tuckwell 2-0-16-1, Brown 2.4-0-29-1, Palethorpe 2-0-15-0, Wills 2-0-20-0, Shann 1-0-13-0, Wilkey 1-0-4-0
RESULT : Woden won on first innings by 99 runs
For Don Larkin's Seconds it was a case of history repeating itself by finishing third - there being no semi-final played. The batting was somewhat weak with Damian McNamara 231 runs (av 19.25) being the only one to reach the 200 run mark. 
Terry Done with 30 wickets (av 12.13) was the most successful bowler. Dick Masterton-Smith from the one appearance against Ainslie turned in a match analysis of 12/64. 
Jim Gale's Third Grade side had a forgettable season not the least for only fielding a full side on four of the 14 possible playing days. 
Gale scored 268 runs (av 22.33) while Tony Hartnell was the most successful bowler with a modest 11 wickets (av 23.82). 


The season brought to the Club the ultimate club honour, the Club Championship. Gary Potts earned the first 'Blue" awarded to a Club player by the ANU Sports Union. 
Potts' First Grade side finished first after the preliminary rounds only to lose the Final against Northern Suburbs who were admitted to first grade in the same season of 1963-64. Batting first ANU effectively lost the match in the space of one half-hour period when the score collapsed from 2/60 to 7/84. The second day's play was washed out and ANU's chance of an outright victory evaporated. 
ANU v NORTHERN SUBURBS at Manuka Oval, 23 & 24 March 1968
ANU - 1st Innings
R. Rodwell    c Colgan b Lees    26
D. Buckingham    c Canney b Colgan    8
C. Childs    c Clark b Colgan    0
G. Potts (c)    b Black    29
N. Tuckwell    c Lees b Black    8
R. Smith    b Black    6
A. Sargeson    c Black b Lees    6
M. Howell    c Hannam b Hukins    26
D. Wilkey    c Clark b Canney    10
S. Shann    not out    1
G. Morey    c Black b Hukins    0
Sundries    3
Total    123
Fall : 26 26 60 66 67 77 84 84 105 123
Bowling : Colgan 5-1-26-2, Lees 10-0-46-2, Black 7-0-28-3, Canney 7-4-9-1, Hukins 5.7-2-11-2
Northern Suburbs - 1st Innings
Eade    b Morey    19
Clark    b Morey    3
Canney    c Childs b Howell    55
Moore    b Howell    52
Strang    not out    18
Hukins    c Wilkey b Morey    4
Colgan    lbw Howell    1
Hannam    c Howell b Morey    13
Black    st Wilkey b Howell    7
Lyall    not out    0
Sundries    9
Total    8-181
Fall : 5 27 134 135 140 147 160 175
Bowling : Morey 17-3-83-4, Shann 5-0-16-0, Childs 7-0-37-0, Howell 12-1-36-4
RESULT : Northern Suburbs won on first innings by 8 wickets
With 415 runs (av 37.72) captain Potts again took the batting honours though Neil Tuckwell with 336 runs (av. 24.00) justified A.C.T. representative selection as did left-arm spinner Mike Howell who with 47 wickets (av 11.46) provided opener Graham Morey 34 wickets (av 13.00) with a valuable ally. 
Terry Done's Second Grade side made a valiant but alas too belated a rush for the Final with two outright and two first innings victories in the last four matches. 
The batting was generally indifferent with Steve Shann 204 runs (av 22.66) being the leading run-getter. Done dominated the bowling with 30 wickets (av 14.20). 
The Third Grade side led by Jim Gale improved on the previous season's performances with its strength and success resting principally with its batsmen. 
From too few appearances each Eric Bachelard scored 273 runs (av 45.50), Adam Browne 240 runs (av 48.00) and Bruce Mitchell 211 runs (av 52.75). 
Andrew Barker took the bowling honours with 23 wickets (av 11.91) including a haul of 8-43 against Northern Suburbs and, reportedly, would have taken all ten wickets but for several missed chances. 


The Club experienced a growth in membership and promptly nominated a second side in the Third Grade competition. 
History repeated itself in First Grade with ANU coming off second best against Northern Suburbs in the Final. Rain interrupted the first days play prompting ANU's sacrifice of wickets for quick runs on the second day. Unlike their counterparts the ANU bowlers generally failed to exploit the favourable conditions. 
ANU v NORTHERN SUBURBS at Manuka Oval, 29 & 30 March 1969
ANU - 1st Innings
M. Etheridge    run out    7
D. Buckinham    b James    37
G. Potts (c)    c Webb b Lees    56
I. Robertson    c Lyall b James    6
J. Parker    b Lyall    19
H. Palethorpe    b Lyall    2
R. Willcocks    run out    0
M. Howell    b Lyall    8
J. Curtis    c Canney b Lees    5
D. Myers    not out    0
Sundries    10
Total    9 dec 150
Fall : 33 71 79 126 136 138 144 150
Bowling : Lyall 11-2-30-3, Lees 17.5-2-34-2, Canney 25-6-45-0, James 18-8-31-2
Northern Suburbs - 1st Innings
Eade    c Robertson b Morey    0
Hegarty    c Howell b Morey    40
Canney    run out    2
Moore    lbw Howell    15
Andrews    c Etheridge b Myers    36
James    lbw Howell    8
Webb    b Myers    41
Wilson    not out    12
Sundries    8
Total    7-162
Fall : 0 42 42 70 84 141 162
Bowling : Morey 21-7-41-2, Myers 8-2-37-1, Howell 17-2-50-2, Curtis 7-1-15-0, Buckingham 3-0-11-0
RESULT : Northern Suburbs won on first innings by 4 wickets
Throughout the season batting success rested with captain Gary Potts 541 runs (av 45.08), Alan Sargeson 393 (av 39.30) and Dave Buckingham 324 (av 23.14). 
Mike Howell with 36 wickets (av 14.47) was aided by the pace duo of Graham Morey 32 (av 14.34) and Dave Myers 31 (av 16.41). 
The Second Grade side had a disappointing season finishing eighth out of ten. This was due in no small measure to some poor batting performances. Of the regulars, captain Mike Etheridge 160 runs (av 17.77) was the leading run-scorer. Derek Berents with an unbeaten 133 against Manuka almost mathced that in just one innings. 
The bowling was steady but lacked variety, there being no reliable spinner and was weakened by a lack of regular performers. Paul Sutton almost bowled the side to outright victory over Turner with hauls of 6/43 and 7/44. 
Terry Beath's 263 runs (av 20.23) and Lyn Jones 19 wickets (av 12.73) were the leading performances for the Third Grade No.1 side led by Adam Browne that finished sixth while the No.2 side finished last. 
For the No. 2 side Neville Hicks scored 333 runs (av 18.50) while captain Jim Gale scored 305 runs (av 20.33). Despite being expensive at times spinner Cedric Wright lured 22 wickets (av 18.04).


The season promised great reward until the last match when all teams lost thereby surrendering the Club Championship and Thirds losing a position in the semi-finals. A fourth grade competition was introduced for the first time. 
First Grade won through to the Final only to lose yet again with the losing of the toss effectively deciding the match. With first use of a rain affected wicket the City opening bowlers had a field day. 
ANU v CITY DISTRICT at Manuka Oval, 21 & 22 March 1970
ANU - 1st Innings
I. Kaye    c & b C. Smith    4
K. McRae    c McMahon b Macdonald    0
M. Etheridge    c Clews b C. Smith    2
D. Berents    b Macdonald    0
G. Potts (c)    b Macdonald    5
D. Buckingham    c Hession b C. Smith    7
I. Cunliffe    b McDonald    3
M. Howell    c M. Smith b C. Smith    5
J. Curtis    c Clews b C. Smith    2
G. Morey    b Macdonald    0
J. Hutchison    not out    0
Sundries    5
Total    33
Fall :4 4 5 9 17 19 31 31 31 33
Bowling : C. Smith 9.3-3-12-5, Macdonald 8-3-15-5, McCarty 1-0-1-0
City District - 1st Innings
McCarty    c Etheridge b Curtis    0
Gelding    c Etheridge b Morey    6
McMahon    c Etheridge b Howell    26
Thomas    b Hutchison    10
Hession    b Hutchison    11
Bennett    c & b Howell    0
Clews    c Etheridge b Howell    3
Samuels    b Hutchison    0
M. Smith    b Hutchison    0
C. Smith    b Howell    13
Macdonald    not out    2
Sundries    3
Total    74
Fall : 5 6 39 47 55 55 55 57 67 74
Bowling : Curtis 4-0-21-1, Morey 4-2-11-1, Hutchison 9-3-274, Howell 8.6-2-12-4
ANU - 2nd Innings
J. Kaye    c & b Macdonald    3
K. McRae    c McMahon b Samuels    42
M. Etheridge    run out    11
D. Berents    c Thomas b Samuels    24
G. Potts (c)    c Thomas b Samuels    53
D. Buckingham    b Samuels    2
I. Cunliffe    lbw Samuels    4
M. Howell    c Thomas b Samuels    13
J. Curtis    lbw Samuels    0
G. Morey    run out    0
J. Hutchison    not out    2
Sundries    10
Total    164
Fall : 3 47 83 92 99 113 137 146 155 164
Bowling : C. Smith 13-0-44-0, Macdonald 11-0-32-1, McCarty 11-0-34-0, Samuels 13.7-0-44-7
City District - 2nd Innings
Gelding    b Howell    2
McCarty    lbw Potts    29
McMahon    b Howell    5
Thomas    b Howell    14
Hession    not out    17
Bennett    b Howell    2
Clews    not out    0
Sundries    3
Total    5-72
Fall : 31 31 47 58 72
Bowling : Curtis 3-2-1-0, Morey 5-2-12-0, Hutchison 6-2-15-0, Howell 15-5-21-4, Potts 8-2-16-1, Buckingham 3-2-4-0
RESULT : City District won on first innings by 8 wickets
Captain Gary Potts again bore the batting responsibilities with 418 runs (av 38.00) but Mike Etheridge 377 runs (av 31.42) proved a reliable number three all too often forced to face the new ball early. 
Mike Howell with his prodigious spin on the damp wickets that predominated throughout the season accounted for 52 batsmen (av 9.38). Graham Morey had to play second fiddle with 28 wickets (av 17.00). 
The Second Grade side led by Ian Fraser, Mike Kent and John Parker reached their first semi-final only to be soundly defeated by Woden. The side's batting fell short of what was required, especially so in the second innings. 
ANU - 1st Innings 154
Bill Frilay 83, Mike Kent 29
Woden - 1st Innings 311
John Atkinson 2/10, Ted Matthews 2/39, Paul Sutton 2/65
ANU - 2nd Innings 71
Bob Robson 20
RESULT : Woden won by an innings and 86 runs
Bill Frilay was a consistent performer with 309 runs (av 44.14) as was Lyn Jones with 28 wickets (av 10.61). 
Third Grade led by Eric Bachelard suffered from a mass turnover of players to finish fifth with Cedric Wright 156 runs (av 22.28) and Mike Bolton 10 wickets (av 12.70) and Graham Osborne 20 wickets (av 12.80) being the best performers. 
Fourth Grade captained by Jim Gale finished in sixth place despite the all-round efforts of Jim Gale with 244 runs (av 22.18) and 16 wickets (16.62). 

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