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University's representation again shrank to only the one team in Sub-District. Not surprisingly the team dominated from the outset due in no small measure to the bowling talents of Hume who in the space of four innings reaped rewards of 3/20, 3/20, 6/26 and 5/16 in matches all resulting in victories.
The real test came against the perennially strong Westridge side. Geoff Bennett 81, Vic Chapman 76 and Jack Hayes 52 helped amass a first day's total of 9 for 374. In response Westridge fell 243 runs short with Mike Freiberg 6/49 taking the bowling honours.
Next match Jack Hayes scored an unbeaten 104 to highlight a crushing outright defeat of RMC Staff.
An outright defeat of Technical College III in the last match of the season brought with it the third premiership for the Club. Doug Traves 83, Jack Hayes 83 and Len Osmand 57 enjoyed the batting honours while Mike Freiberg turned in an exceptional performance of 7/41 and 5/27.


Two University sides were fielded in defence of the Sub-District premiership the year before. University I began the season in emphatic fashion defeating RMC V outright with Len Hume taking 5 /24 and 2/3, Mike Freiberg scoring 35 and taking 4/18 and Andy Kyburz matching him with 38 and 3/35.
In like fashion University II defeated Westridge on first innings with Wallis' 6/61 and Len Osmand's all-round effort of 3/17 and 46 being the highlights.
University II's next match was history-making in that it recorded a ruthless batting performance by Val Gratton. His innings of 213 not out against Acton Football Club was reported by The Canberra Times as "one of the most punishing seen at Acton, 134 coming from boundary shots alone."
In reply to University's 8 for 300 Acton scored 142 with Jim Pead taking 4/50 and Jack Garrett 2/24. Following on Acton scored 6-151 when time expired. Jim Peal took 3/58.
University I ensured another premiership in the last competition match with an outright defeat of Canberra High School. In a low-scoring fixture the bowlers dominated with Mike Freiberg 4/22 in the first innings and Val Gratton 6/5 in the second taking the honours.
Batsman    Runs    Ave    Bowler    Wkts    Ave
V. Gratton    579    41.26    M. Freiberg    46    10.43
M. Clifton    285    21.92    V. Gratton    38    10.71
L.Osmond    273    22.75    L. Hume    36    8.00
V. Chapman    258    25.80    L. Osmond    22    8.10
D. Traves    217    36.17    J. Garrett    20    10.25


In 1947 the Australian National University was created. The University was comprised of four post graduate research schools: Social Sciences, Pacific Studies, Biological Sciences and the John Curtin School of Medical Research.

"First to learn the nature of things"
(or "Above all to find out the way things are")
A meeting of staff and students of the Australian National University in the Senior Common Room, Old Hospital Building in September 1952 formed the Australian National University Cricket Club.
The new Club's office bearers for the 1952-53 season were:
President: Noel Butlin
Secretary: Ron Moon
Treasurer: Bruce Cheek
Selection Committee: Charles Price (c), Ron Moon and Leicester Webb
By the close of the season there were 25 financial members of the Club which began its life on a budgeted capital outlay of 50 Pounds that was advanced by the University and repayable by annual instalments of 10 Pounds.
The Club did not participate in the A.C.T. Cricket Association competitions but arranged what were designated "social" games (Men v Women; Administrative Staff v Research Staff; Physics (Australia) v Physics (England)) and seven "competitive" games on an ad hoc basis.
The seven competitive games and details of the victor are as follows :
ANU v Canberra University College    ANU
Research Staff v Students    Staff
Research Staff v Administrative    Draw
ANU v Turner Cricket Club    T.C.C.
ANU v Canberra University College    C.U.C.
ANU v Wanderers    Wanderers
Research Staff v Students    Students
Leading performers in those matches were Charles Price 140 runs (av 23.33) and 7 wickets; Ron Hieser 88 runs (av 88.00), Noel Butlin 79 runs (av 13.17) and 8 wickets, Percy Partridge 63 runs (av 12.60), W.D. (Mick) Borrie 14 wickets, and Goodman 6 wickets.
The Australian National University Cricket Club was to continue in this vein for the first four seasons until 1956-57.
The Canberra University College continued its participation as "University" as one of the six teams in the Sub-District grade of the A.C.T. Cricket Association competition.
Chasing a hat-trick of premierships University was to endure a somewhat disappointing season that began with a loss against Canberra High School and was followed by a loss to Grammar.
The side redressed the situation somewhat with an outright win over Westridge in the third match. Jack Hayes 49, Laurie Armstrong 37 and Andy Kyburz 36 ensured University its total of 175 while Len Osmond 4/16 and 6/43 bowled his side to an innings and 22 run victory.
That result was repeated the next time the sides met. John Donahue scored an unbeaten 100 and Colin Campbell 73 not out in University's 3 for 271.
The season concluded on a pleasing note with an outright defeat of Canberra High School with Ray O'Donohue's 71 being the highlight.



The disappointments of the previous season were set aside as the season began with an outright defeat of Acton Football Club in the first round after trailing on the first innings. Robertson with 6/39 bowled out Acton for 41 in the second innings.
Mike Freiberg took 7/49 in the second innings of Turner Footballers in the next match lost by University while the result was the same against Canberra High School in which Sam Soper took 5/31.
Only after Christmas did the team start striking premiership-winning form. Len Osmond scored 97 and Wilbur Qldman 70 in defeating Grammar.
Len Osmond with 121 and Soper 75 saw the side home past Concrete Constructions in the final competition round.
The Final was won by University thanks primarily to the hostile new ball attack of John O'Bryan and Des Dwyer. Full scoreboard details are:
ANU v TURNER FOOTBALLER at Northbourne Oval, 27 March & 3 April 1954
University - 1st Innings
M. Millett    c Plaisted b Wharton    2
W. Oldman    c Woodford b Gleeson    10
M. Oakley (c)    lbw Law    18
S. Soper    b Gleeson    4
L. Osmond    c Pappastatis b McFadyen    21
D. Dwyer    lbw Gleeson    21
C. Campbell    c Gleeson b Law    22
J. O'Bryan    c Doyle b Law    1
G. Bennett    c Gleeson b Law    0
L. Armstrong    c Hourigan b Gleeson    0
A. Kyburz    b Gleeson    3
M. Freiberg    not out    1
Sundries    10
Total    111
Bowling : Gleeson 5/50, Law 4/23, McFadyen 1/28
Turner Footballers - 1st Innings
McFadyen    b O'Bryan    6
Doyle    c Dwyer b O'Bryan    10
Gleeson    b Dwyer    2
Whiteford    c Kyburz b O'Bryan    2
Hourigan    b Dwyer    16
Law    c O'Bryan b Dwyer    7
Pappastatis    c O'Bryan b Dwyer    4
Roberts    run out    20
Moore    not out    6
Brockwell    c Osmond b O'Bryan    0
Lyall    b O'Bryan    0
Sundries    6
Total    79
Bowling : Dwyer 4/35, O'Bryan 5/38
University - 2nd Innings
M. Oakley (c)    c McFadyen b Roberts    11
W. Oldman    c Doyle b Papastatis    53
S. Sopor    lbw Doyle    26
L. Osmond    b Law    6
D. Dwyer    c Lyall b Law    9
C. Campbell    b Law    10
L. Armstrong    c Whiteford b Papastatis    9
J. O'Bryan    b Law    10
G. Bennett    c sub b Law    1
A. Kyburz    run out    0
M. Freiberg    not out    7
Sundries    6
Total    148
Bowling: Roberts 1/24, McFadyen 0/21, Doyle 1/14, Law 5/36, Papastatis 2/20
Turner Footballers - 2nd Innings
McFadyen    c Dwyer b O'Bryan    0
Papastatis    lbw O'Bryan    15
Whiteford    b Dwyer    4
Hourigan    c Campbell b Dwyer    17
Doyle    c Dwyer b O'Bryan    0
Robert    c O'Bryan b Dwyer    17
Law    lbw Dwyer    5
Moore    lbw O'Bryan    0
Brockwell    not out    2
Lyall    c and b Dwyer    0
Gleeson    absent    0
Sundries    0
Total    60
Bowling: Dwyer 5/30, O'Bryan 4/30
RESULT : University Won Outright by 120 Runs


Two teams playing in Second Grade and Sub-District wore the University colours. Those of Second Grade were lowered in the first match by R.A.A.F. Merv Oakley's second innings helped avert an outright defeat.
Jim Jorgenson 151 and Geoff Bennett 92 enjoyed the opening to the Sub-District competition while Alf Redpath snared 6/19 to ensure a comprehensive victory if only on the first innings.
It was not until the third round that University enjoyed its first victory in Second Grade against Ainslie with Sam Soper 54, Jim Jorgenson 50 and Val Gratton 42 ensuring a healthy first innings lead, in response to which Mick McGeorge's 4/8 threatened an outright victory before stumps were drawn.
That match was then followed by an eight-run first innings loss to Queanbeyan after Dan Dunn 4/37 and Mick McGeorge 3/8 dismissed Queanbeyan for a meagre 114 runs.
The New Year brought with it an outright defeat of Ainslie with just fifteen minutes to spare. Mick McGeorge's 5/49 in the second innings and Val Gratton's 77 were instrumental in the success.
The Sub-District side's penultimate fixture with the Acton Football Club finished in a draw, all the more meritorious by the Footballers being the eventual Premiers.


The Club again had two teams, in the Second and Third Grade competitions.
In the fourth round fixture against RMC III the Second Grade side secured victory with best performances from Des Dwyer 3/44, Val Gratton 3/12, Emerson 33, Max Clifton 26 and Gray 23.
In a first innings defeat at the hands of Turner the side was best served by Emerson 23 and Mick McGeorge 22 in the first innings and Val Gratton 48 and Emerson 26 in the second innings. Val Gratton took 3/32 and Mike Freiberg 3/49 in Turner's innings.
Near season's end the side defeated Manuka-Yarralumla scoring 142 in reply to the opponents 7-131. Geoff Bennett 29, Des Dwyer 24 and Emerson 23 were the chief run scorers.
The Third Grade side suffered a nine wicket defeat by Acton Sports Club with Brian Comben 27 scoring more than half his side's score of 52.
Last match before the Christmas break brought with it a topsy-turvy outright defeat of Manuka-Yarralumla. Innings of 82 by McBurney and 30 from Bray set up the first innings total of 139 in response to which Manuka-Yarralumla were limited to 117 with Sam McBurney taking 4/25.
Batting a second time University scored a paltry 60 leaving their opponents with a target of 83 runs for outright victory. They fell six runs short with Mike Freiberg taking 7/36.


This season was something of a watershed in the history of university cricket in Canberra. It witnessed the demise of the Canberra University College Cricket Club and the emergence of the Australian National University Cricket Club in competitive cricket.
The Canberra University College Cricket Club fielded just the one side in Second Grade commencing the season in promising fashion with Des Dwyer's 57 being the leading performance in the side's defeat of Kingston by 16 runs.
In the third round the side fell six runs short of defeating Northbourne on the first innings. Mike Freiberg continued his dominance of opposition batsmen taking 4/19 and 3/57. The side's batting was best served by Laurie Armstrong 37 and Wilbur Oldman 29.
The match of 24 November and 1 December 1956 appears to have been the last match played by the Canberra University College who experienced a crushing outright defeat at the hands of Queanbeyan.
Batting first Queanbeyan declared at 8 for 188 with Nick Letts taking 4/28. From an overnight score of 1 for 16 the second day brought with it a collapse to be all out for 56. Following on the side fell 14 runs short of requiring Queanbeyan to bat a second time. Ray O'Donohue's 47 was the highest score.
For the last match before the Christmas break and the half-way mark of the season the side was scheduled to play Kingston but the side forfeited and thereafter made no further appearance in the competition.
The forfeit coincided with the end of the academic year and the exodus of undergraduate students.
With talk of an undergraduate based cricket Club being formed within the Australian National University, the Canberra University College Cricket Club became a memory. 
The appearance of the Australian National University Cricket Club in the Third Grade competition was far more memorable.
Up until this season ANU's activities had been limited to ad hoc cricket games, principally inter-school matches.
The better credentialled players played competitive cricket for the District Clubs, occasionally playing in the ANU Cricket Club 'social' matches though never tending to dominate these matches.
One such player was the future Prime Minister of Australia, Bob Hawke who played for the Northbourne and then Turner Clubs in the District competition during his two season stay in Canberra from 1956 to 1958 as a post-graduate student.
On 6 and 13 October, 1956 ANU captained by Brian Comben, played its first match at RMC No. 8 and christened it with an outright victory over Acton Sports Club after trailing on first innings in a prelude to a very successful season.
Acton Sports Club which included Neville Lee who dominated Canberra University College cricket in the season of 1944-45 and scored a vigorous 82 in the first innings was later to play ANU in the Premiership Final.
Trevor Ophel, disenchanted from a limited exposure to a casual attitude prevailing at the Canberra University College in the previous season, joined ANU and from 9.5 overs took 7/24.

at RMC No.8, 6 & 13 October, 1957
Acton Sports Club - 1st Innings 133
Trevor Ophel 7 for 24
ANU - 1st Innings 117
Greg Purcell 44 David Griffith 34
Acton Sports Club - 2nd Innings 5 dec 70
ANU - 2nd Innings 4-91
Dennis Belford 26 Don Gemmell 44
RESULT : ANU won outright by 6 wickets
That match was followed by an outright defeat of RMC IV with David Griffith 5/10 in the first innings and David White's 3/5 and 2/5 contributing to RMC IV's demise for 32 and 24. In the ANU score of 9 for 129 White scored 31 not out and Greg Purcell 26.
David Griffith's bowling bore even greater fruit in the next match. His 8/30 in the first innings was instrumental in ANU's outright victory.
His purple patch continued next match with 8 for 23 against Kingston whom ANU also defeated outright. In a rare all-round performance he scored 37 and along with Tony Bull 53 saw ANU to a commanding innings total.
Second match after the Christmas break saw ANU comprehensive victors over Northbourne IV. In ANU's innings of 254 Brian Comben scored 50, Phil Marchant 50 and Thorne 41 while in Northbourne IV's innings of 131 Tony Bull took 6/5 and David Griffith 4/52.
Tony Bull then continued his fine form taking 5/34 against Queanbeyan.
ANU had the ideal dress rehearsal for the Final by defeating Noribbourne A on the first innings. Fred Barker with 3/31 and Trevor Ophel with 3/45 restricted their opponents to 201 and in reply the ANU batsmen, after being 0 for 102 overnight had something of a picnic in scoring 300. David Griffith led the way with 88, Greg Purcell 56 not out, Ted Irving 51, and Trevor Ophel 35 figuring prominently.
By finishing second four points adrift of the leader Acton Sports Club the ANU side earned the right to play in the Final
The final was played over three days with the hours of play 1.15 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. with a tea adjournment of 15 minutes taken at 3.15 p.m.
By the time of stumps being drawn on the second day the Acton Sports Club enjoyed a 73 run lead from which position ANU never recovered to ultimately lose outright.

ANU v ACTON SPORTS CLUB at Turner Oval, 6 7 13 April 1957
ANU - 1st Innings
P. Marchant    b White    2
A. Bull    c Wilson b Chalker    11
E. Irving    c White b Gillingham    6
D. Griffith    c & b Gillingham    33
G. Purcell    c White b Maloney    6
B. Comben (c)    lbw Gillingham    23
D. White    lbw White    36
D. Gemmell    b Harrop    20
T. Ophel    c Carnall b Chalker    15
F. Barker    b Harrop    0
J. Webb    not out    1
Sundries    7
Total    160
Bowling : White 2/27, Chalker 2/28, Mundy 0/4, Williams 0/5, Gillingham 3/57, Maloney 1/13, Harrop 2/19
Acton Sports Club - 1st Innings
Mundy    b Griffith    39
Wilson    c Griffith b Barker    6
Lee    c Griffith b Barker    0
Gillingham    b Griffith    39
White (c)    c Comben b White    82
Chalker    b Griffith    5
Bird    c Comben b Griffith    2
Maloney    run out    8
Harrop    b Bull    9
Carnall    not out    13
Williams    c & b White    9
Sundries    21
Total    233
Bowling : Griffith 4/61, Barker 2/37, Marchant 0/17, Ophel 0/36, Purcell 0/12, White 2/8
ANU - 2nd Innings
D. Griffith    c Maloney b Chalker    4
E. Irving    b Chalker    3
A. Bull    st White    8
G. Purcell    run out    7
L. White    lbw Chalker    0
B. Comben (c    c Carnall b Gillingham    29
D. Gemmell    b Gillingham    12
F. Barker    c Carnall b Gillingham    12
J. Webb    c Carnall b Gillingham    0
T. Ophel    not out    11
P. Marchant    absent     
Sundries    4
Total    90
Bowling:White 1/42, Chalker 3/19, Gifllingham 4/15, Maloney 0/3, Harrop 0/7
Acton Sports Club - 2nd Innings
Lee    c Purcell b Griffith    10
Williams    c sub b Griffith    1
Carnall    not out    5
Maloney    not out    1
Sundries    2
Total    2-19
Bowling : Griffith 2/6, Comben 0/11
RESULT : Acton Sports Club won outright by 8 wickets
In an interesting postscript : Opening batsman Phil Marchant was absent on the second Saturday being required to attend a more important function, his own wedding. One can only speculate on what the result might have been had he been available to bat.


ANU was one of the eight teams to participate in the re-introduced Sub-District competition catering for non-District Clubs with the six District Clubs participating in First, Second and Third Grades.
Hoping to improve on the position of runners-up, ANU began the new season in convincing fashion by defeating Grammar on the first innings. Neil Oram with 6/17 set up the match for the ANU batsmen led by captain Brian Comben 57 and David White to see out victory.
The side performed even better the following match in defeating Kingston-Narrabundah RSL outright. Batting first ANU scored 188 with Neil Oram scoring 61 and Don Gemmell 44 before the ANU bowlers made something of a picnic of the opposition batting.
In the first innings David Griffith took 4/27 and Radcliffe 3/9 while in the second innings Trevor Ophel took 6/23.
The side met sterner opposition the following match against Hall. Batting first Neil Gram with 99 and David Griffith 45 helped ANU amass 8 declared for 269. That was to prove insufficient as the Hall batsmen ran up 310 with David Griffith's 3/87 being the best return.
Against the eventual Premiers R.A.A.F. Trevor Ophel with 5/23 set ANU on the winning path. Chasing a meagre 112 the ANU batsmen, with the exception of David White with 44,found the task too great being bowled out for 102.
Following a R.A.A.F. declaration at 5 for 120. ANU's chase for the 131 runs needed for victory fell short at 4 for 99 when stumps were drawn.
Unfortunately the side kept their worst performance till the last match of the season in being bowled out for 37. Gribble with 3/23 was ANU's most successful bowler as Navy coasted to an easy victory.
R.A.A.F. and Hall featured in the Final with honours going to the Servicemen. Interestingly enough, the Final was played on a turf pitch though all competition round matches were played on concrete.


This was to be the last season of competitive cricket played by the Club until the Club was reformed prior to the 1962-63 season.
The competition reverted to a three grade format with ANU participating in Third Grade comprised of ten teams.
A forfeit by the Government Printing Office in the first match delayed the start of ANU's playing season.
The side's first real success came in the fixture against Turner. Neville Cain with 96 and Keith Lokan with 36 set up ANU's 9 for 226 declared. Turner responded with 95. Cain took 4/18 and Tony Bull 4/22. Following on Turner fared little better in scoring 117 with Don Gemmell taking 3/17.
Despite Tony Bull's 5/37 and Keith Lokan's career best 66 and Fred Barker's 35, Queanbeyan proved superior in the last pre-Christmas fixture.
In the second match after Christmas ANU defeated Manuka-Yarralumla outright. Fred Barker with 3/17 was best bowler in the first innings while in the second innings Tony Bastin with 4/15 and Tony Bull with 3/8 earned greatest reward. In ANU's only innings of 5/167 declared, Neville Cain scored an unbeaten 80 and Davies 41.
The final match was played on 7 and 14 March 1959 and the Club bid farewell to competition cricket in fine style.
Against Kingston, ANU batted first amassing 269 with leading contributions coming from Neville Cain 106 retired, Keith Lokan 37, Tony Bastin 32 retired and Tony Bull 26.
Keith Lokan with 2/13 was best rewarded in Kingston's first innings of 84. Following on Kingston scored only 52 with Don Gemmell 4/17 and Bruce Kent 2/14 being the principal wicket takers.
ANU had won its last match before a three year hiatus by a massive innings and 133 run margin.


By the end of the 1958-59 season the Club was comprised of slightly more than one half by students from a total student base of approximately 47.
Prior to the commencement of the 1959-60 season it was found that a number of players had left the University and there were insufficient numbers to field a team in the A.C.T. Cricket Association competitions.
Thereafter the Club played social matches most Sundays during the 1959-60 and 1960-61 seasons against such sides as Grammar Old Boys, H.M.A.S. Harman, Forestry School, Michelago, Gundaroo, Queanbeyan, Molonglo, Wanderers and the quaintly named Williamsdale Wombats.
Ian McDougall captained the side comprised of postgraduate students, academic and research staff, technicians, some undergraduates and when short of a full complement of players, invitees such as American visitors with dubious cricket experience.
At the end of September 1960 the Canberra University College and the Australian National University amalgamated. The Australian National University's four research schools became the Institute of Advanced Studies and the Canberra University College emerged as the School of General Studies, being the fifth school of the reformed University.
For the 1960-61 season Trevor Ophel captained the side but the signs were there that the Club was heading for extinction.
In the 1961-62 season the matches were not played a regular basis and by season's end the Club as it then was passed into history.

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