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Mike Howell was installed as First Grade captain, the university reign of Gary Potts having come to an end. 
Once again a premiership slipped past. The first day’s play of the semi-final was washed out and the second day’s play began 45 minutes late. 
This time bowling first, ANU dismissed Woden one short of a hundred with Jack Curtis' hat-trick being the highlight of a three over spell that netted six wickets. ANU needed 100 from thirteen eight-ball overs but fell frustratingly 27 runs short of the target. The drawn result meant that Woden advanced to the Final thanks to their higher placing at the end of the competition rounds. 
Woden - 1st Innings 99
Jack Curtis 6/17, Graham Morey 2/19
ANU - 1st Innings 8/73
Ian Fraser 29
Barry Strang adopted the Potts mantle of best batsman with 324 runs (av 29.45). Mark Clews, later in his career to represent New South Wales, promised more than the 290 runs (av 20.78) he scored. Bill Frilay moved up from Second Grade and scored 262 inns (av 17.46). 
The strength of the side was its bowling depth arid variety. Mark Clews fell just short of the 50 wicket mark with his aggressive fast bowling reaping 48 wickets (av 11.50) whilst in contrast Mike Howell’s spinners brought 39 wickets (av 13.64). The ever reliable Graham Morey took 37 wickets (av 15.00). 
Wicketkeeper Keith MeRac in his first season behind the stumps was an outstanding success snaring a record 31 catches and 5 stumpings. 
Jim Parker’s Second Grade side narrowly missed out on two outright victories that cost them a Semi-Final berth. Parker’s 287 inns (av 26.11) was the leading run aggregate just shading Mark Harrison 234 runs (av 26.00) in the averages. 
Bowling honours were shared by Lyn Jones 25 wickets (av 20.12) and Ian Shann 20 wickets (av 13.40). 
Bruce Chapman took the Eric Bachelard led Third Grade batting honours with 257 runs (av 31.13) while Mike Foley and Graham Feletti each took 27 wickets. 
Dave McPherson led the Fourth Grade side to the first of many premiership honours enjoyed by Fourths in the years to follow. In winning the minor premiership the side won the Bel-Air Shield for achieving the most competition points. 
ANU v NORTHERN SUBURBS at Griffith Oval, 3 & 4 April 1971
ANU - 1st Innings
I. Stevenson    c Garbutt b Dell    5
P. Hughes    b McNielage    30
J. Brown    c Garbutt b Spaven    29
I. Tilley    c Spaven b McNielage    27
B. Chapman    c Cameron b McNielage    94
T. Smith    lbw O'Donnell    1
R. Chalmers    c Dell b Spaven    9
D. McPherson (c)    c O'Donnel b McNielage    2
J. Avraamides    c Spaven b Ryan    5
A. Matthews    b O'Donnell    21
R. Charles    not out    5
Sundries    18
Total    246
Fall : 12 64 80 107 115 137 144 173 237 246
Bowling : Dell 22-3-51-1, McNielage 26-3-53-4, O'Donnell 26.7-8-44-2, McKenzie 9-2-20-0, Spaven 11-0-40-2, Williams 3-0-8-0, Ryan 4-1-8-1, Wark 2-0-4-0 
Northern Suburbs - 1st Innings
J. Garbutt    b McPherson    0
J. Williams    c Tillet b McPherson    2
W. Wark    c and b McPherson    2
T. O'Donnell    c Brown b Chalmers    49
R. Dell    b Matthews    36
R. Cameron    st Charles b Matthews    1
F. Spaven    b Chalmers    2
T. Edwards    hit wkt b Avraamides    19
A. McNielage    not out    22
K. Ryan    b McPherson    18
C. McKenzie    c Smith b Avraamides    1
Sundries    7
Total    162
Fall : 0 2 22 39 96 106 118 118 153 162
Bowling : McPherson 11-1-55-4, Tilley 8-0-32-0, Matthews 10-2-24-2, Chalmers 9-2-23-2, Avaamides 2.6-0-19-2, Smith 1-0-2-0 
ANU - 2nd Innings
I. Stevenson    c O'Donnell b Dell    6
P. Hughes    lbw McNielage    1
J. Brown    b Spaven    46
I. Tilley    not out    107
B. Chapman    not out    30
Sundries    1
Total    3-191 
Fall : 7 7 94
Bowling : McNielage 7-3-14-1, Dell 7-1-25-1, McKenzie 2-0-11-0, Edwards 2-0-11-0, O'Donnell 3-0-21-0, Spaven 3-0-21-1, Ryan 3-0-24-0, Williams 2-0-30-0, Cameron 1-0-5-0, Wrak 2-0-27-0 
RESULT : ANU won on 1st Innings by 84 runs
Ian Tilley’s 110 in the Semi-Final against Northern Suburbs II and 107 in the Final against Northern Suburbs I highlighted an excellent seasons batting that brought him 547 runs at the imposing average of 78.14. He also took 29 wickets (av 9.69). Dave McPherson enjoyed greatest itward with 33 wickets (av 13.33).


This season marked the beginning of Gary Samuels’ illustrious career with the Club. His performances justify his consideration as the one of the best cricketers for the Club in its history along with Gary Potts and Greg Irvine. 
First Grade again made the Semi-final again, only to lose with somewhat indifferent batting and dropped catches sinking any chance of victory. 
ANU v Woden
ANU - 1st Innings 125 (Robin Topham 40, Gary Samuels 27)
Woden - 1st Innings 177 (Malcolm Allen 6/52, Mike Howell 2/43)
ANU - 2nd Innings 140 (Mike Howell 33, Cohn Fox 26, Graham Morey 24, Derek Berents 22)
Woden - 2nd Innings 4-90 (Mike Howell 2/29)
RESULT : WODEN won outright by six wickets
After the competition rounds Keith McRae’s First Grade side finished minor premiers. Four batsmen finished with over 300 runs John Kaye 405 (av 23.82), Ian Fraser 385 (av 32.08), Ian Tilley 359 (av 18.89), and Bill Frilay 312 (av 15.60). 
Gary Samuels with 46 wickets (av 8.91) was the dominant bawler and received most valuable support from off-spinner Malcolm Allen 38 wickets (av 13.13) and Graham Morey 34 (av 16.48). 
Jim Parker’s Second Grade side made the Semi-Final against Woden but its batting failed miserably, to lose in comprehensive fashion. 
ANU v Woden
ANU - 1st Innings 101 (Dave Buckingham 44)
Woden - 1st Innings 144 (A. Matthews 5/43, D.Buckingham 2/17)
ANU - 2nd Innings 41
RESULT : WODEN won outright by an innings and two runs
Dave Buckingham scored most runs throughout the season with 285 (av 20.36). Gavan Easom took most wickets with 32 (av 11.88). 
Dave McPherson’s Third Grade side had an unhappy season finishing seventh. Mike Foley 205 runs (15.76) and 24 wickets (av 9.75) took the batting and bowling honours. 
The Fourth Grade side first captained by Ian Stevenson and then Tony Smith emulated their predecessors of the previous season in winning the premiership in a tense battle after ANU just failed to secure a first innings lead and were therefore required to beat the clock and win outright which they duly did. 
ANU v Northern Suburbs at Majura Oval, 25 & 26 March 1972
Northern Suburbs - 1st Innings
J. Williams    c Smith b Crick    5
T. Edwards    b Grant    26
G. King    c Smith b Crick    55
B. Humphries    b Grant    0
C. Alferink    run out    8
F. Donovan    c Smith b Crick    0
J. Eicholzer    c Perram b Grant    1
E. Spaven    b Grant    1
T. Smith    not out    29
R. Witynski    run out    2
C. MckEnzie    b Grant    10
Sundries    8
Total    144
Bowling : Grant 14.1-1-63-5, Crick 13-0-66-3, Chalmers 1-0-7-0
ANU - 1st Innings
I. Snook    b Eicholzer    12
P. Hughes    c Edwards b McKenzie    11
J. Perram    b Eicholzer    0
P. Creaser    c Edwards b Eicholzer    10
A. Smith (c)    c Witynski b Eicholzer    7
R. Chalmers    c Williams b Smith    41
K. Keogh    lbw Alfrink    3
M. Dudzinski    c King b McKenzie    32
P. Crick    c King b Smith    7
A. Grant    c Smith b Eicholzer    5
J. Avraamides    not out    0
Sundries    9
Total    142
Bowling : Eicholzer 17-4-46-5, McKenzie 12.1-1-50-2, Alferink 6-0-26-1, Smith 2-0-11-2
Northern Suburbs - 2nd Innings
J. Williams    b Chalmers    3
T. Edwards    lbw Crick    29
G. King    b Crick    15
C. Alferink    c Avraamides b Grant    7
T. Smith    c Dudzinski b Chalmers    24
B. Humphries    lbw Chalmers    30
R. Witynski    lbw Chalmers    0
J. Eicholzer    b Chalmers    3
E. Spaven    b Grant    40
F. Donovan    b Chalmers    1
C. McKenzie    not out    7
Sundries    18
Total    177
Bowling : Grant 10.3-0-48-2, Crick 15-0-64-2, Chalmers 12-1-44-6, J. Avraamides 2-0-5-0 
ANU - 2nd Innings
P. Hughes    b Eicholzer    2
P. Creaser    b Eicholzer    2
J. Perram    c Williams b Spaven    41
R. Chalmers    c Donovan b Eicholzer    53
A. Smith    c Edwards b Eicholzer    47
K. Keogh    not out    21
M. Dudzinski    not out    3
Sundries    12
Total    5-181
Bowling : Eicholzer 11-1-39-3, McKenzie 4-0-43-0, Smith 3-0-21-0, Alferink 6-0-17-0, Spaven 5-1-22-1, Humprhies 3-0-10-1, King 4-0-17-0
RESULT : ANU won outright by 5 wickets
Tony Smith led the averages with an imposing 536 runs (av 41.23) followed by Mark Dudzinski 224 (av 22.40), Phil Creaser 220 (av 15.70), and Bob Chalmers 209 runs (av 29.86). 
The very strong and balanced bowling line-up was led by Allen Grant with 60 wickets (av 9.84). Peter Crick 36 (14.98), Jim Avraamides 33 (11.60) and Bob Chalmers 24 (av 9.13).who took a hat-trick in the final.


This season marked the introduction of a Fifth Grade competition. Julian Oakley began a long period as Club secretary and the first comprehensive statistical records of the Club were created and the quality of the Club’s Annual Report and Year Book was significantly improved. 
Gary Samuels enjoyed an unparalleled season with the ball to ensure Ian Tilley’s First Grade side a Semi-Final berth and his ten wicket haul should have been better rewarded than with the loss that ensued. 
ANU v East Canberra
ANU - 1st Innings 
131 (Keith McRae 38, Gary Samuels 23)
East Canberra - 1st Innings 
159 (Gary Samuels 7/75)
ANU - 2nd Innings 
101 (Alan Walker 24, Gary Samuels 23)
East Canberra - 2nd Innings 
5/74 (Gary Samuels 3/41, Arthur Preston 2/29)
RESULT : East Canberra won outright by 5 wickets
Murray Stokes in his second year with the Club rose to be leading rungetter with 335 runs (av 15.23) just ahead of Col Thomson 300 (av16.67). 
Gary Samuels’ 75 wickets (av 10.23) to this day stands as a Club record. Eight five-wicket hauls were highlighted by a nine for 9 performance against City District. The scoreboard for this match: 
Gary Samuels' Match
First Grade
ANU v City District
ANU - 1st Innings
Total    44
City District - 1st Innings
A. Schrader    b Samuels    3
R. Samarcq    c Tilley b Howell    7
G. Nye    b Samuels    1
J. Philip    lbw Samuels    5
G. Clews    lbw Samuels    0
D. Scott    c McRae b Samuels    1
C. Scott    lbw Samuels    2
K. McCarty    not out    11
C. Smith    c Howell b Samuels    1
G. Lawrence    b Samuels    0
A. MacDonald    b Samuels    0
Sundries    4
Total    35
Fall : 9 11 14 14 17 18 27 33 33 35
Bowling : G. Samuels 10.7-4-9-9, A. Preston 1-0-6-0, M. Howell 9-4-16-1
ANU - 2nd Innings
Total    7-54
RESULT : ANU won on First Innngs by 9 runs
A lack of experience and stability were principal causes in the poor performance by Dolf Matthews’ Second Grade side for whom only two batsmen scored more than 200 runs: Bill Frilay 244 (av 18.77) and Sandy Clugston 215 (av 19.58). 
Spinners Jon Collings 18 wickets (av 15.61) and captain Dolf Matthews 16 wickets (av 22.06) shared the bowling honours. 
Third Grade led by Neil McDonald fared even worse coming in last though, arguably, they suffered from the selectors’ attempt to maintain a strong fourth grade side chasing a hat-trick of premierships. 
Bruce Chapman with 235 runs (av 15.67) and 14 wickets (av 6.5O) and Kevin Fewster with 19 wickets (av 15.84) stood out from the rest. 
Fourth Grade was ultimately thwarted in the Final by its old adversary Northern Suburbs from obtaining another premiership. 
ANU v Northern Suburbs
Northern Suburbs - 1st Innings
164 (Peter Crick 3/36, Ken Reed 2/14, Jon Hickman 2/35, Darryl Stringer 2/35)
ANU - 1st Innings
82 (John Parker 35*)
Northern Suburbs - 2nd Innings
83 (Stringer 4/23, Crick 4/38, Hickman 2/15)
ANU - 2nd Innings
113 (Parker 24, Gary McKenzie 20)
RESULT : Northern Suburbs won outright by 52 runs
Julian Oakley was leading run-getter with 315 runs (av 16.00) ahead of Gavan Hedwig 281 runs (av 23.41) and Gary McKenzie 211 runs (av 15.07). 
Tearaway Peter Crick reached 51 wickets (av 10.71) while captain Jim Avraamides’ beguiling off-spiimers reaped 40 wickets (av 9.25) just ahead of Jon Hickman 39 wickets (av 10.9). 
David Cook’s Fifth Grade side christened their first match with an outright victory over Queanbeyan but despite a successful first half of the season, failures in the second half proved the side’s undoing as they finished seventh. 
Barry Leahy turned in a rare all-round performance of 345 runs (av 21.56) and 52 wickets (av 12.02).


The Club’s first year book recording the deeds of the season and an extensive statistical Club history was produced. 
The First Grade side failed to reach the semi-finals for the first time since 1965-66 The batting lacked the authority of the earlier years. It was left to opening bowler Zoran Pirievec with 323 runs (av 21.53) and Brian Sawford 206 runs (av 14.07) to head the batting. 
Pirjevec was also leading wicket-taker with 45 wickets (av 15.64) ahead of captain Gary Samuels 33 wickets (10.73) and Mike Howell 20 wickets (av 16.20) which included a hat-trick against City District. 
Second Grade side just failed to reach the semifinals. Sandy Clugston dominated the batting with 392 runs (av 32.67) ahead of Jon Collings 246 runs (av 12.95). 
Captain Dolf Matthews earned the bowling honours with 35 wickets (ay 10.63) while the pace duo of Arthur Preston 23 wickets (av 13.83) and Sandy Clugston 22 wickets (av 15.36) bore the heaviest workloads. 
Third Grade again finished last with captain Paul Fraser being the best of a poor batting side with 213 runs (av 19.36). 
The bowling by comparison was much the stronger with David Hume 32 wickets (av 10.25), Murray Macdonald 22 wickets (av 11,09) and Mick Martin 20 wickets (av 16.35) leading the way. 
The Fourth Grade side captained by Julian Oakley failed to reach the semi-finals for the first time since the inception of the competition in 1969-70. 
Oakley’s 278 runs (av 17.38) and Nick Warner’s 47 wickets (av 9.94) dominated a side for which only seven players played more than four games. 
A decline in fortunes in the latter part of the season marred Dave Cook’s Fifth Grade side’s chase for the Semi-Finals. 
Michael Dack with 169 runs (av 8.89) and Howard Hanley with 18 wickets (av 6.72) were the best performers. 


The undoubted highlight in the history of the ANU Cricket Club came this season with the winning of the First Grade Premiership for the first time. 
Fresh recruit Tony Irvine captained the side to the minor premiership while his batting in the first innings averted what might have been a disaster. Dolf Matthews’ spin bowling during which he conceded just over one run an over and took five wickets proved decisive. 
ANU v East Canberra
ANU - 1st Innings
A. Walker    c Cremer b Nix    0
M. Harrison    c Cremer b Nix    1
A. Irvine (c)    c & b Nix    62
J. Philip    b Nix    1
J. Darling    b Nix    0
D. Carland    run out    5
G. Samuels    lbw Bickle    24
M .Allen    b Nix    7
Z. Pirjevic    b Nix    8
A. Preston    not out    0
A. Matthews    b Nix    2
Sundries    5
Total    115
Fall : 0 30 10 10 16 97 101 112 113 115
Bowling : Bickle 8-2-34-1, Nix 10.6-4-27-8, Hadrill 8-0-29-0, Webb 4-1-10-0, Cremer 1-0-10-0
East Canberra - 1st Innings
B. Kensey    lbw Pirjevic    4
P. Cremer    b Samuels    0
M. Webb    c Allen b Matthews    25
K. Owen (c)    c Preston b Pirjevic    9
F. Flanagan    c Carland b Samuels    1
K. White    c Preston b Matthews    17
K. Clark    b Matthews    11
D. Murphy    c & b Matthews    16
E. Nix    run out    2
K. Hadrill    not out    0
P. Bickle    lbw Matthews    0
Sundries    14
Total    98
Fall : 1 9 22 27 60 71 94 98 98
Bowling : Samuels 16-2-40-2, Pirjevic 6-1-20-2, Matthews 16-6-19-5, Allen 3-0-6-0
ANU - 2nd Innings
A. Walker    b Bickle    0
M. Harrison    c Nix b Bickle    3
A. Irvine (c)    lbw Bickle    6
J. Philip    c Murphy b Cremer    74
J. Darling    st Clark b Cremer    5
D. Carland    b Owen    2
G. Samuels    lbw Nix    67
M. Allen    c Webb b Flanagan    28
Z. Pirjevic    b Nix    1
A. Preston    b Cremer    9
A. Matthews    not out    2
Sundries    14
Total    211
Fall : 0 8 9 32 45 130 178 188 205 211
Bowling : Bickle 20-4-50-3, Nix 13-3-35-2, Hadrill 6-0-19-0, Webb 4-1-8-0, Cremer 27-6-65-3, Owen 6-0-24-1, Flanagan 0.1-0-0-1
East Canberra - 2nd Innings
B. Kensey    b Pirjevic    4
P. Cremer    c Allen b Samuels    1
M. Webb    not out    36
F. Flanagan    b Allen    35
K. Owen (c)    not out    8
Sundries    12
Total    3-83
Fall : 2 4 54
Bowling : Samuels 2-0-20-1, Pirjevic 3-0-17-1, Allen 2-0-8-1, Preston 2-0-7-0, Philip 1-0-14-0, Harrison 1-0-7-0, Darling 1-0-5-0, Irvine 1-0-3-0 
RESULT : ANU won on first innings by 17 runs
Tony Irvine 348 runs (av 21.75) and Gary Samuels 278 runs (av 34.75) enjoyed the batting honours but the efforts of Alan Walker 230 runs (av 14.37), Julian Philip 218 runs (av 19.81) and Robin Topham 207 runs (av 20.70) are deserving of mention. 
Gary Samuels bore the brunt of the bowling workload and secured 43 wickets (av 13.04) while Dolf Matthews became an invaluable ally in taking 31 wickets (av 8.19). 
Colin Thomson’s Second Grade side just failed to earn a berth in the Final after losing to City in the Semi-Final. 
ANU v City District
City District - 1st Innings
128 (Sandy Clugston 3-32, Graham Morey 3/37, Nick Warner 3/45)
ANU - 1st Innings
106 (Chris Hewett 39, John Darling 33)
RESULT : City District won on the first innings by 22 runs
Mark Harrison led the batting with 291 runs (av 36.38) while Sandy Clugston 41 wickets (av 11.39) and Graham Morey 41 wickets (av 14.08) shared the bowling honours. 
The fortunes of the Third Grade side improved under the captaincy of John Macleod as it fell just one point short of the minor premiership. Despite Dave Humes consistent good form with the ball the batsmen let slip the opportunity of figuring in the Final. 
ANU v Western District
ANU - 1st Innings 87
Western District - 1st Innings 121 (David Hume 6/40)
ANU - 2nd Innings 126 (Bill Frilay 31, Phil Hughes 22)
Western District - 2nd Innings 3-93
RESULT : Western District won outright by 7 wickets
Surprisingly for such a successful side Bill Collins leading aggregate of 133 (av 22.17) was so meagre. Not so the bowling though, with David Hume again leading the way with his inswingers accounting for 20 wickets (av 9.22) and aided by Nick Warner 21 wickets (av 10.05) and Mick Martin 20 wickets (av 12.00). 
Club Coach Trevor Barker led the Fourth Grade side throughout the season but handed over the reins to Julian Oakley for the Semi-Final against East Canberra. Despite a strong ANU bowling line-up East Canberra’s middle-order were able to compile a formidable enough total. 
ANU v East Canberra
East Canberra - 1st Innings 253 (Ian Cunliffe 4/51)
ANU - 1st Innings 186 (Greg Jackson 46)
RESULT : East Canberra won on the first innings by 67 runs
Julian Oakley with 197 runs (av 14.09) and Phil Creaser 180 runs (av 16.35) carried the batting load for a side that had a surprising turnover of bowlers throughout the season. 
After two previous attempts Dave Cook's Fifth Grade side won a semi-finals berth against East Canberra in a struggle that saw the sides only separated by one run. 
ANU v East Canberra
East Canberra - 1st Innings 217
ANU - 1st Innings 216 (George Lombard 43, Peter James 38)
RESULT : East Canberra won on the first innings by 1 run
George Lombard season's aggregate of 316 runs (av 17.56) was highlighted by his 109 against Queanbeyan. Alan Sullivan 230 runs (av 19.17) provided the batting with a vital measure of consistency. Dave Cook dominated the bowling with 36 wickets (av 10.81) 


The growth in player membership justified the fielding of seven sides. The old Fourth and Fifth Grade competitions were replaced by A and B Grades in a Sub-District competition. 
First Grade failed to emulate the premiership deeds of their predecessor, stumbling badly in the semi-final against Western District. Batting second the batsmen succumbed to Dene Moore, one of the best bowlers in the history of Canberra cricket. His figures of 7-19 from 12 overs speak for themselves. 
ANU v Western Districts
Western Districts - 1st Innings
214 (Arthur Preston 4/60, Sandy Clugston 2/35)
ANU - 1st Innings
52 (Peter Hennessy 14)
Western Districts - 2nd Innings
209 (Malcolm Allen 5/35, Bill Frilay 2/20)
RESULT : Western Districts won by 162 runs on first innings
The batting lacked the authority of the past with only captain Tony Irvine 445 runs (av 34.23) and Sandy Ciugstori 214 runs (av 19.45) reaching 200 runs. 
The bowling was not as penetrative as in previous seasons though Dolf Matthews 30 wickets (av 11.97), Malcolm Allen 29 wickets (13.79) and Gary Samuels 29 wickets (av 15.34) were as reliable as ever. 
The Cal Thomson led Second Grade finished in fifth place. Murray Stokes scored 208 runs (av 34.67) though 167 n.o. came from one superb innings against Queanbeyan. Paceman Murray Bartle with 32 wickets (av 11.88) and off-spinner Fred Trewartha with 20 wickets (av 12.50) were the most successful bowlers. 
The inability to bowl out sides cheaply enough cost Ian Cunliffe’s Third Grade dearly during the season. Barry Critchley with 198 runs (av 18.00) and Ivor Wolstencroft with 20 wickets (av 11.80) headed the aggregates. 
The A Grade side led by Mike Badham and John Gamble began the season sluggishly, then galloped through the Semi-Final. 
In that match they defeated South Woden outright with Dave Hume turning in an exceptional bawling performance taking 5/30 in the first innings and 4/26 in the second innings. Unfortunately they stumbled at the end in the Final against Ginninderra. 
ANU v Ginninderra
ANU - 1st Innings
Ginninderra - 1st Innings
RESULT : Ginninderra won by 6 wickets
Jim O’Brien 194 runs (av 19.50) and John Gamble 188 runs (av 23.50) led the batting that was generally disappointing but such was not the case with the bowling. 
Alan Harding’s pace bowling earned 26 wickets (av 8.31) while John Gamble proved his all-round worth with 25 wickets (av 13.48). 
David Cook’s B Grade North Blue earned a joint premiership by drawing with Highlanders in a rain-marred Final. 
ANU v Highlanders
ANU Blue - 1st Innings
228 (Greg Quinn 49, Cohn Cameron 44, Ian Gook 30, Chris Smith 29)
Highlanders - 1st Innings
Ian Gook found his being mute no impediment to dominating the scene be it as a batsman with 323 runs (av 26.92) or as a bowler with 16 wickets (av 10.50). 
Julian Oakley scored 222 runs (av 31.71) while 28 wicket hauls were taken by Dave Cook (av 10.86) and Hamish McNab (av 11.00). 
The B Grade South side finished 10th while the B Grade North side finished 12th.


The First Grade side was back to its dominant best taking out the minor premiership but a loss to Western District in the semi-final signalled a premature end to the season. 
ANU v Western Districts
ANU - 1st Innings
202 (David Carland 61, Jon Collings 37, Sandy Clugston 29, Ian Shaw 25, Mike Howell 23 no)
Western Districts - 1st Innings
5-203 (Murray Bartle 5/37)
RESULT : Western Districts won by 5 wickets on first innings
The strong batting lineup was headed by Alan Walker 373 runs (av 31.08) and supported by captain Gary Samuels 333 runs (av 37.00), Murray Stokes 298 runs (19.87) and Julian Philip 272 runs (av 22.67) 
Murray Bartle was the leading wicket-taker with 29 wickets (av 15.24), followed by Gary Samuels 27 wickets (av 16.67) and Mike Howell 23 wickets (av 10.48). 
The Second Grade side found the competition too stiff, winning only two games and finishing last on the points table. 
Bill Frilay 247 runs (av 20.58) was the only batsman to reach the 200 run mark while captain Nick Warner with 25 wickets (av 14.48) was the only bowler to take 20 wickets. 
Greg Jackson led the Third Grade side to the Semi-Final against South Woden whose total proved insurmountable. 
ANU v South Woden
South Woden - 1st Innings
332 (Colin Thompson 4/58)
ANU - 1st Innings
230 (Colin Thompson 68, Greg Jackson 44*)
RESULT : South Woden won by 102 runs on first innings
Leading run-scorer was captain Greg Jackson 169 runs (ay 15.08) while David Hume with 26 wickets (av 9.65) proved the most penetrative bowler in a season highlighted by his 9/44 against Northern Suburbs. 
For the second year in a row the A Grade featured in the Final only to see the spoils go to the opposition, on this occasion, South Woden. 
ANU v Ginninderra
ANU - 1st Innings
Ginninderra - 1st Innings
RESULT : Ginninderra won by 4 wickets on first innings
Tony Mair 279 runs (av 39.86), Mike Wallis 242 runs (av 18.62) and Peter Kane 241 runs(av 34.42) were the best performing batsmen whereas for the bowling captain Mike Badham was clearly the best with 50 wickets (av 10.64) highlighted by 9/49 against East Canberra. 
Michael Cullen’s B Grade One-Day side took out the minor premiership but in quest of the premiership lost in a close tussle with Ginninderra this time by a mere two runs. 
ANU v Ginninderra
Ginninderra - 1st Innings 
104 (Greg Quinn 4/33)
ANU - 1st Innings
102 (Brian Ferguson 21)
RESULT : Ginninderra won by 2 runs on first innings
Julian Oakley with 223 runs (av 20.27) topped the batting aggregates while Mick Cullen heading the bowling aggregates with 37 wickets (av 11.65) followed by Peter Newbigin 21 wickets (11.90). 
The B Grade North side captained by Pat Mooney finished sixth while the B Grade South side led by Peter Foley finished tenth on the points table.


A narrow defeat in the final competition match against Western District by Gary Samuels’ First Grade side allowed their opponents a berth in the Semi-Final. 
The strength of the side lay in its batting. Best performers were Julian Philip 393 runs (av 32.75), Gary Samuels 290 runs (32.22), J. Collings 249 runs (av 22.64), Ian Shaw 242 runs (av 20.17) Alan Walker 216 runs (av 15.43) and Murray Stokes 205 runs (av 14.64). 
Gary Samuels 39 wickets (av 16.41) and Mike Howell 31 wickets (av 12.58) headed the bowling line-up that lacked experience and depth. 
Bill Frilay’s Second Grade side were not a force in the competition finishing second last. Peter Hennessy 309 runs (av 51.50) including an undefeated 109 against Western District and Michael Heggen 294 runs (av 17.29) were the leading batsrnen. 
Fred Trewartha with 16 wickets (av 16.25) was the leading bowler of a somewhat indifferent lineup. 
Third Grade, led by Phil Creaser, also finished seventh with Creaser 179 runs (ay 11.90) and Andrew Smee 24 wickets (av 12.17) the leading players. 
The A Grade side fell far short of comparison with its predecessors, languishing in eighth position. Had it not been for the fine all-round efforts of its captain, Greg Quinn with 428 runs (av 25.18) and 31 wickets (av 17.61) the disappointments would have been more pronounced. 
The B Grade North side led by Ian Miller finished a distant ninth with Andrew Thornley’s 21 wickets (av 15.14) being the only memorable aspect. 
Paul Robilliard’s B Grade One-Day side the Semi-Final only to have its batting weaknesses exposed in a crushing defeat. 
ANU v Teachers
RESULT : Teachers won by 103 runs
David Morrison with 163 runs (av 23.29) and Malcolm Jamieson 24 wickets (av 12.04) were the best performed. 
Tim Nicholson’s B Grade South side finished in eighth position.


Gary Samuels’ career with ANU ended with his being enticed to Queanbeyan. The reins of captaincy passed to Sandy Clugston. The side finished a distant last winning only one match. 
Sandy Clugston with 404 runs (av 31.1), Dave Carland 341 runs (av 26.23), Geoff Knuckey 279 runs (av 19.93) and Peter Hennessy 208 runs (av 17.33) were the leading batsmen while leading bowler status was enjoed by Dolf Matthews with 23 wickes (av 21.13). 
Peter Wright’s Second Grade side only did marginally better by comparison finishing equal sixth. 
Bob Porter with 170 runs (av 21.25) and Ian Wilson with 17 wickets (av 9.82) were best performers in a generally lacklustre performance save Peter Young’s 8/22 performance against South Woden. 
The Third Grade side led by Julian Oakley found their form drop off dramatically in the second half of the season to finish a disappointing seventh with John Maclead 186 runs (av 16.91) and Murray Macdonald 23 wickets (av 16.17) standing out. 
Phil Creaser’s Fourth Grade side fared even worse finishing last despite winning three matches in the season. Julian Oakley with 169 runs (av 18.78) and Peter Newbigin with 18 wickets (av 17.95) led the aggregates. 
Paul Robilliard led the A Grade side into the Final only to see rain rob the side of a chance of premiership victory. 
ANU v Teachers
Teachers - 1st Innings
192 (Ian Stanley 4/43, Roger Fisher 4/44)
ANU - 1st Innings
Stewart McKeachie with 213 runs (av 14.20) and Peter Foley 192 runs (av 24.00) were best baismen while Paul Robilliard dominated the bowling with 30 wickets (av 12.30) ably assisted by Richard Pashley 22 wickets (av 17.23). 
Julian Rood’s B Grade Two-Day side finished in eleventh position while the veteran Jim Gale led the B Grade One-Day side to the same table position.


Colin Rowe was installed as captain of the First Grade side having been attracted to the Club from Western District to the position of Club Coach. 
The side, however, finished a very disappointing tenth and last placed. It was a case of individuals on occasions doing very well but the team not so. 
Col Rowe with 362 runs (av 20.14) had many allies in Greg Quinn 312 runs (av 17.33), Dave Williams 270 (av 22.50), Sandy Clugston 218 runs (av 14.53) arid John Richardson 207 runs (av, 18.89). 
The bowling honours were shared by Mike Howel 26 wickets (av 21.27), Sandy Clugston 20 wickets (av 15.20), John Quinn 20 wickets (av 19.65) and Chris Barnard 19 wickets (av 27.89) whose season highlights came with 7/34 against Northern Suburbs and taking ten catches in the field. 
The end of the decade heralded the early domination by ANU’s Second Grade sides. This season Peter Wright’s side won the premiership with the pace trio of Phil Brew, Murray Radcliffe and Doug Anderson running through the East Canberra batsmen to decide the winner before the close of play on the first day. 
ANU v East Canberra
ANU - 1st Innings
P. Wright (c)    c Lord b Hadrill    10
P. Hennessy    b Hadrill    24
J. Richardson    c Thompson b Elliott    30
R. Porter    c Thompson b Lord    4
G. Knuckey    lbw Flockton    17
J. Collings    b Elliott    13
D. Anderson    run out    22
M. Radcliffe    c Thompson b Webb    20
P. Brew    b Webb    17
P. Neal    c Thompson b Lord    13
A. Matthews    not out    0
Sundries    11
Total    181
Fall : 33 46 60 72 98 106 145 157 171 181
Bowling : Hadrill 28-7-47-2, Breglec 8-2-11-0, Webb 25-7-38-2, Lord 6.5-2-12-2, Elliott 16-3-30-2, Flockton 16-5-32-1
East Canberra - 1st Innings
M. Gallagher    lbw Anderson    11
K. Hadrill    c Neal b Brew    1
R. Ghiradello    b Radcliffe    2
M. Webb    b Radcliffe    0
P. Thompson    c Collings b Brew    10
M. Fry    lbw Anderson    0
F. Breglec    c Wright b Anderson    7
I. Roxburgh    c Brew b Radcliffe    3
R. Flockton    c Richardson b Brew    0
G. Lord    c Neal b Brew    11
G. Elliott    not out    2
Sundries    2
Total    49
Fall : 8 11 11 17 17 26 29 30 47 49
Bowling : Brew 13-5-18-4, Radcliffe 14-3-20-3, Anderson 8.3-4-9-3
East Canberra - 2nd Innings
M. Gallagher    b Anderson    0
K. Hadrill    b Neal    8
R. Ghiradello    c Collings b Richardson    14
M. Webb    c Neal b Matthews    59
P. Thompson    run out    29
M. Fry    c Anderson b Matthews    22
F. Breglec    c Hennessy b Richardson    2
I. Roxburgh    lbw Anderson    44
R. Flockton    c Richardson b Matthews    8
G. Lord    lbw Richardson    4
G. Elliott    not out    22
Sundries    8
Total    210
Fall : 3 47 83 92 99 113 137 146 155 164 210
Bowling : Brew 5-2-13-0, Anderson 13-4-43-2, Neal 9-0-44-1, Richardson 13-2-56-3, Matthews 12.2-3-46-3
ANU - 2nd Innings
P. Wright (c)    not out    19
P. Hennessy    not out    9
Sundries    1
Total    0-29
Bowling : Breglec 4-2-3-0, Webb 2-1-3-0, Lord 3-2-4-0, Elliott 10-2-17-0, Gallagher 2-1-1-0
RESULT : ANU won on first innings by 132 runs
Bob Porter with 323 runs (av 24.85) led the batting aggregates followed by Jon Collings 251 runs(av 31.38) and Jon Richardson 202 runs (av 28.86) 
Doug Anderson was the side’s leading bowler with 30 wickets (av 9.53) from Peter Neal 26 wickets(av 12.27) 
Julian Oakley led the Third Grade team to the Semi-Finals where, against Northern Suburbs, his and Greg Stacey’s opening partnership of 63 was effectively wasted when ten wickets fell for just 86 runs and the momentum was lost. 
ANU v Northern Suburbs
ANU - 1st Innings
149 (Greg Stacey 49, Ric Lucas 31)
Northern Suburbs - 1st Innings
253 (Mark Slater 3/45, Ric Lucas 3/47, Greg Emes 2/42, Simon Heggen 2/55) 
ANU - 2nd Innings
RESULT : Northern Suburbs won on first innings
Oakley with 256 runs (av 17.07) and Ric Lucas with 244 runs (av 34.86) were the leading batsmen while Kumar Srinivasan was the leading bowler with 22 wickets (av 16.00). 
Phil Creaser’s Fourth Grade side competed well throughout the season and looked to have won a berth in the Final when only needing six runs to win with two wickets in hand. Frustratingly, the side fell just two runs short. 
ANU v East Canberra
East Canberra - 1st Innings
178 (Bob Hadler 3/29, Peter Newbigin 3/30, Ralph Toivonen 2/56)
ANU - 1st Innings
177 (John Macleod 69, Mark Coles 38)
RESULT : East Canberra won on First Iinnings by 1 run
Ian Naumann with 333 runs (av 30.3) led the batting while Peter Newbigin's leggies claimed 32 wickets (av 11.7). 
Ed Newbigin’s A Grade Division 1 side finished seventh, while Dennis Arnold’s A Grade Division II side finished one better in sixth position. 
Vladimir Goryachev with 256 runs (av 25.17), David Bulbeck 256 runs (av 21.33) and Dennis Arnold 212 runs (av 14.13) performed best as batsmen while Trevor Dooley with 21 wickets (av 16.67) and Andrew Sutcliffe 20 wickets (av 8.60) performed best with the ball. 
The B Grade One-Day side led by Owain Tilley finished just out of the Semi-Finals thanks to the efforts of Cameron Galloway with 211 runs (av 35.17) and Tilley with 207 runs (av 10.35) and 25 wickets (av 20.40) 

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